Nizagara® – Generic Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg
How to use Sildenafil 100 mg for erectile dysfunction treatment

Nizagara 100 mg. Precautions


Sildenafil contraindications

Before you start using Nizagara or any other medicine which contains sildenafil citrate it is necessary to study Sildenafil contraindications and consult a doctor if you have any problems with health condition.

Patients with chronic diseases of kidneys or liver are contraindicated to take Nizagara. moreover, this drug is contraindicated in case of the heart failure, allergy to Sildenafil or/and other components which are added in this medicine.

Also, the list of Sildenafil contraindications includes glaucoma because the man may have an inversive increase of the intraocular pressure during the increased sensitivity to this active component. In case of glaucoma, it may cause severe side effects and nonreversible pathologies.

Viagra side effects

Viagra side effects often appear during the non-observance of the instruction for the use and exceeding the daily dosage. Also, Viagra side effects may appear during the increased sensitivity of the body to Sildenafil.

As a result of the studies it has been indicated that the most probable Viagra side effects are headache, dizziness, nasal stuffiness, redness of the neck and face, temporal vision disorder, blurred vision, or high light sensitivity, and also inversive temporal color blindness.

01In case of these Viagra side effects a medical intervention is not required because they pass and are not dangerous for the patient.

But in case of the certain conditions other, more intense side effects may occur. For instance, in case of the interaction of Sildenafil and alcohol the man may develop an allergic reaction, stomachache, acute lowering of the arterial pressure, and worsening of the general health condition.

The same side effects may appear in case of the individual intolerance of sildenafil. Therefore, it is better to avoid the simultaneous use of sildenafil and alcohol, and then, every use of the pills for the improvement of the potency will be pleasant and safe.

If you decided to buy sildenafil but you have questions, you may contact a pharmacist of the pharmacy and find out what is Viagra? – and put any questions related to the application of the drug.