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How to use Sildenafil 100 mg for erectile dysfunction treatment

Several simple ways to improve your sexual performance

Naturally, sexual endurance is one of the most significant parameters that define the overall quality of life. Usually, men suffering from various troubles with their actual sexual performance experience also depression, regular and prolonged stresses, and different psychosomatic disorders. Moreover, sexual stamina is a complex health index – regular stamina troubles may indicate serious health disorders, including life-threatening ones. Prevention of such problems is no less important than actual therapy: even those men who are confident in themselves may find it extremely useful to practice an effective technique to preserve and enhance their sexual stamina. Hence, how to better your sex life and increase your stamina?

simple ways to improve your sexual performance

Primarily, if you experiencing rapid ejaculation, you should talk to your physician in order to determine the exact causes, eliminate the possibility of any severe disorder, and find an optimal treating method. Once you know that the problem is not a result of some serious illness, such as diabetes or cancer, you can start building your sexual stamina.

The most efficient methods include the following:

  • Physical activity. An ability to provide normal erectile response and maintain an erection for a prolonged time depends mainly on two factors: your testosterone level and the condition of your cardiovascular system. In compliance with the research initiated in the University of Southern Denmark, accurate and suitable physical exercises doubtlessly increase the general physical and mental state, which will surely result in better sexual stamina.
  • Avoid stresses. In fact, psychologically induced troubles with erection are common and very serious. Severe psychological stresses may cause hypertension/hypotension, ED, troubles with cardiac rhythm, etc. Fewer stresses, more enthusiasm – this is the key to remarkable
  • Consider changing your masturbation techniques. The difference in conditions provided by the preferred masturbation techniques and the actual sex may be enough to cause troubles. It is recommended to modify them in accordance with the type of sex you are going to have.
  • Kegel exercises. It is reported that men regularly doing Kegel exercises experience increased libido, prolonged erections, and more intense orgasms.