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Fruits that will help you to cure erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a complex common health disorder that strikes literally millions of men all over the globe every year. According to the statistical data provided by the WHO, this illness affects approximately 15% of the entire male population each year. Moreover, this condition is very age-dependent: while approximately half of all men in their fifties experience certain troubles with maintaining an erection, the risk to develop this illness grows 10% for every ten years after the age of fifty.

effective prevention of erectile dysfunction

Fortunately, in addition to various therapeutic methods aimed at both preventing the development of this illness and minimizing its negative effects, there is also a simpler and much more enjoyable way. All you have to do is to change your diet and eat more fruits. Of course, no fruit can work as a magic pill for ED treatment. However, certain diets rich in fruits may increase your chances to avoid the disease and neutralize the undesirable outcomes. The best fruits for ED treatment are the following:

  • Fruits that contain flavonoids. According to the clinical research provided in the UK and the USA that involved more than 25 thousand volunteers, those men who consumed foods rich in flavones and anthocyanins tended to preserve their sexual functions better than their counterparts who kept to unbalanced diets. The easiest way to balance your diet is to eat many fruits rich in flavonoids including citrus fruits, blackberries, grapes, strawberries, pears, and cherries.
  • According to the recent clinical trials conducted within a general framework of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition, apples contain several active compounds that may decelerate the development and proliferation of prostate cancer cells. It is well known that those men who keep to a fruit-rich diet demonstrate a better prostate cancer survival rate. In addition, apples contain vitamin E, which increases libido and improves sperm motility, and zinc, which regulates plasma levels of testosterone.
  • Firstly, avocados are rich in various vitamins and dietary minerals: a single avocado contains enough vitamins and calories to sustain the needs of a healthy person for a full day. Secondly, avocados are also rich in Zinc and vitamins E and C. These tasty fruits increase the general immune activity of the body and provide a positive impact on the cardiovascular system.