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How to use Sildenafil 100 mg for erectile dysfunction treatment

Erectile Dysfunction

Fruits that will help you to cure erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a complex common health disorder that strikes literally millions of men all over the globe every year. According to the statistical data provided by the WHO, this illness affects approximately 15% of the entire male population each year. Moreover, this condition is very age-dependent: while approximately half of all men in their fifties experience certain troubles with maintaining an erection, the risk to develop this illness grows 10% for every ten years after the age of fifty. Continue reading

Several simple ways to improve your sexual performance

Naturally, sexual endurance is one of the most significant parameters that define the overall quality of life. Usually, men suffering from various troubles with their actual sexual performance experience also depression, regular and prolonged stresses, and different psychosomatic disorders. Moreover, sexual stamina is a complex health index – regular stamina troubles may indicate serious health disorders, including life-threatening ones. Continue reading